Agriculture and Food 2020 Year-in-Review

MLT Aikins Agriculture and Food 2020 Year-in-Review ebook

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In the agriculture and food sector, COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of having a strong and well-integrated domestic industry and the importance of building industry resilience in the face of temporary – and perhaps permanent – changes to the composition and level of demand for critical commodities and agri-food products.

Looking back over the past 12 months, this e-book provides an overview of the key issues and trends our agriculture and food team have observed in the sector in 2020.

Topics covered:

  • Regulatory Updates
    • Temporary suspensions to enforcement activity
    • New requirements for production of manufactured goods
    • Proposed updates to guidelines for plant-based protein foods
  • Trends in Agricultural Data Collection and Analytics
  • Notable Agriculture and Food Litigation Matters
    • Class actions
    • Key Supreme Court cases
    • Key lower court cases
  • Venture Capital in Western Canadian Agriculture
  • The Canada-U.S. Mexico Agreement and Agriculture
    • CUSMA Agricultural Dispute
    • Brexit, the U.K. and Agriculture
    • Agricultural Dumping Investigations
  • How COVID-19 Affected Agriculture and Food in Canada
    • The state of COVID-19 travel restrictions at the end of 2020
    • Prioritizing temporary foreign workers
    • Introducing the new agri-food pilot program
    • What to expect in 2021

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