Manitoba’s Four-Step Reopening Plan for Summer 2021

Authors: Milt Christiansen, Dany Théberge

On June 10, the Manitoba Government announced the 4-3-2-One Great Summer Reopening Path (the “Reopening Plan”), which focuses on four reopening categories, three holiday milestones, and two public health responsibilities. The Reopening Plan ultimately sets out the easing of restrictions as vaccination levels rise over the summer months.

Update: The Province announced on August 3 that it would be significantly lifting public health restrictions on Saturday, August 7, about a month ahead of the anticipated Labour Day milestone. At the time of publishing this article, at least 80% of eligible Manitobans (i.e., aged 12 and up) have received their first vaccination dose and more than 70% have received both doses.

The four reopening categories include, (1) gathering and socializing, (2) travel and tourism, (3) shopping and services and (4) dining and entertainment. The three holiday milestones and associated public health measures are:

  1. Canada Day (July 1): opening businesses, services and facilities at 25% capacity or more and increasing gathering sizes for some sectors
  2. August long weekend (August 2): opening businesses, services and facilities at 50% capacity or more and increasing gathering sizes, with fewer restrictions for specific sectors
  3. Labour Day (September 6): reopening all businesses, services and businesses, with limited restrictions

Further, the two public health responsibilities include Manitobans both getting vaccinated and following ongoing public health orders.

The Province will announce more specific reopening plans in the week before each holiday milestone, which are based on increased vaccination rates and decreased COVID-19 case counts, test positivity rates and ICU admissions. The target vaccination levels for eligible Manitobans for each holiday milestone are as follows:

Holiday 1st Vaccination Dose 2nd Vaccination Dose
Canada Day (July 1) 70% 25%
August Long (August 2) 75% 50%
Labour Day (September 6) 80% 75%

For more information on the current and upcoming changes to the public health orders, see our Manitoba Restricted (Orange): Restrictions Eased, in Effect Until Aug 7 blog.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this blog with new developments. Employers considering how the Reopening Plan affects their business should contact a member of our labour and employment team in Winnipeg.

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