ESG for Energy – 2023: The Year Everything Changes

Energy companies have long been under the ESG microscope, and the scrutiny on your business practices will only intensify in the years ahead.

Banks in Canada are facing serious questions about their lending portfolios, particularly when it comes to the energy sector, both in the conventional and renewable spaces. Banks will be under even more pressure to prove they’re financing sustainable businesses when they face mandatory ESG reporting requirements in 2024.

At the same time, investors are demanding that energy companies commit to sustainability – or face the consequences. Numerous energy companies have been targeted by activist investors and many are now facing legal action over perceived shortcomings in their ESG strategies.

Having a sound ESG program is about more than just ensuring you have access to capital – it’s about avoiding potential litigation and shareholder activism. In this half-day seminar with an option for attendees to join us virtually, we, along with several of our esteemed channel partners, will cover the basics of ensuring your ESG strategy is up to snuff.


  • Overview: the Shifting ESG Landscape
  • Data: the Starting Point and Cornerstone of any ESG program
  • Climate Change/GHG Emissions Management – the Capital “E” in ESG
  • Energy Transition Business Opportunities (Carbon Capture, Hydrogen, Lithium, Helium)
  • Carbon Credits/Offsets
  • Operational Assurance/Risk: Making Sure Your Data, Processes and Controls are Reliable
  • Materiality: Picking the Right ESG Topics & Metrics
  • Legal Risk Relating to Mandatory ESG Reporting, Sustainability Reporting, Net-Zero Goals
  • Panel Discussion: Important ESG Takeaways for Leadership and Board of Directors

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