Government Tables Amendments to Saskatchewan Mental Health Services Legislation

This post was written prior to our January 2017 merger, under our previous firm name, MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP.

Author: Erin Wolff

The Government of Saskatchewan has tabled new amendments to The Mental Health Services Act. The proposed amendments are intended to improve the delivery of, and access to, mental health services in the province.
Some of the key changes include:

  • The repeal of the provisions of The Mental Health Services Act that address confidentiality and release of information and the repeal of clause 4(4)(e) of The Health Information Protection Act to enable the protections and information sharing regime prescribed under The Health Information Protection Act to apply to personal health information collected under The Mental Health Services Act;
  • Changes to the definitions used throughout The Mental Health Services Act, including repealing the definition of a “facility” and replacing it with the concept of a designated “mental health centre”;
  • The use of The Facility Designation Regulations enacted pursuant to The Regional Health Services Act to designate facilities as mental health centres, instead of The Mental Health Services Act;
  • The transfer of some powers and responsibilities of the Ministry of Health to Regional Health Authorities; and
  • Changes to the criteria for, and time periods of, Community Treatment Orders (CTOs), which allow for involuntary treatment in the community.

The amendments have been tabled as part of Bill No. 127: The Mental Health Services Amendment Act, 2013. This Bill received first reading on December 3, 2013. Click here to access a copy of the Bill.