Interview with an Energy Professional

In this ongoing series, Chad Eggerman, leader of the MLT Aikins energy team will interview lawyers in the firm who practice different aspects of energy law in various jurisdictions across Western Canada. In each episode, Chad will ask the firm’s energy professionals some topical questions relevant to the energy industry and get their short responses.

Episode 8

In Episode 8, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about NERC Reliability Standards and how they define the reliability requirements for planning and operating the North American bulk power system.

Episode 7

In Episode 7, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about how electricity markets work and the regulatory frameworks across Western Canada.

Episode 6

In Episode 6, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about generating and selling power across provinces.

Episode 5

In Episode 5, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about whether access to transmission lines in Canada is controlled by U.S. agencies such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Episode 4

In Episode 4, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about the varying processes for generating and selling electricity in jurisdictions across Western Canada.

Episode 3

In Episode 3, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about how customers can purchase 100% renewable energy.

Episode 2

In Episode 2, Ken Tennenhouse speaks about how companies can generate their own renewable energy.

Episode 1

Episode 1 features Ken Tennenhouse who speaks about carbon reduction targets and ESG driving corporate interest in renewable energy. With decades of legal experience in the energy sector, Ken Tennenhouse provides strategic advice on major capital projects, transactions and contracts as well as corporate governance and compliance matters.