Government Announces Intention to Amend the Saskatchewan Employment Act

Authors: Kevin Wilson, Tom Richards

On October 24, 2018, the speech from the throne was read in Saskatchewan (the “Speech”). Among other things, the Speech announced the government’s intention to make several amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act (the “Act”) during the upcoming legislative session.

It has been announced that the Act will be amended to provide the following:

  1. Sexual Violence Leave: Up to 10 days unpaid leave for employees who are the victim of any type of sexual violence to seek medical attention, access supports, get legal or law enforcement assistance, or relocate;
  2. Critically Ill Adult Leave: Up to 15 weeks leave for family members of a critically ill adult to care for that person;
  3. Parental Leave: Will be expanded from 37 weeks to 63 weeks; and
  4. Maternity Leave: Will be increased by one week.

(collectively, the “Planned Amendments”)

The specific timelines for passing and implementing the Planned Amendments have yet to be announced. However, employers should know that implementation of these amendments will be a government priority.

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