Liability Waivers for the Outdoor Adventure Industry

Liability Waivers for the Outdoor Adventure Industry E-book

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Will your liability waivers hold up in court?

An essential part of an outdoor adventure company’s risk management strategy, waivers are designed to limit the liability of a company and its employees to an adventure participant should that participant become injured as a result of activities put on by the company.

If a participant in the activity is injured and decides to sue, the business will seek to have the courts enforce the waiver and have the lawsuit dismissed – if the waiver was properly drafted and if it was administered according to best practices.

This e-book will help outdoor/adventure businesses:

  1. Assess whether your current liability waivers contain the necessary components.
  2. Roll out best practices for administering liability waivers.
  3. Make a plan for dealing with liability waivers for minors.

Along the way, we’ll provide some real-life legal cases and examples of waivers in action, and discuss what the results of these cases mean for your operation.

Also included is a helpful flowchart showing the steps that business owners who provide
liability waivers should follow for each participant.

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