A Path Forward: University of Manitoba Shares Report on Sexual Harassment

The University of Manitoba has published a new report entitled “Responding to Sexual Violence, Harassment & Discrimination at the University of Manitoba: A Path Forward.”

Commissioned by University of Manitoba President David Barnard, the 155-page report is the culmination of a comprehensive, seven-month review of issues related to sexual violence, harassment and discrimination affecting students, staff and faculty members.

The investigative team explored how the University of Manitoba has addressed these types of issues in the past, and provided 43 recommendations for improvements going forward. This included a discussion of how to prevent occurrences, the process for reporting and responding to incidents, and consequences resulting from complaints. The review focused on identifying measures that would improve the University of Manitoba’s response to sexual violence, harassment and discrimination experienced within the context of an imbalance or abuse of power.

President Barnard commended co-authors Donna Miller, Q.C., and MLT Aikins partner Helga Van Iderstine on their hard work on this independent review. Noting that he accepts and will work to implement all of the report’s recommendations, President Barnard reinforced the University of Manitoba’s desire to “continue to work together to ensure the University of Manitoba provides students, faculty, staff and visitors an inclusive, respectful and safe environment.”

Helga Van Iderstine was honoured to co-lead this important project with Donna Miller, Q.C., and acknowledges the contributions of MLT Aikins lawyers Sarah Carr and Richard Bars.

The full report is available online here.