Are You Ready to Respond to a Cyberattack?

Two MLT Aikins lawyers will discuss lessons learned from real-life cyberattacks at a webinar happening next week.

On April 13, Regina lawyers Nathan Schissel and Kristél Kriel will discuss how to prepare for – and respond to – cyberattacks during Anatomy of a Cyber Attack, a 45-minute webinar hosted by IT service provider

The webinar will cover real-world breaches of small and medium-sized enterprises, and offer tips on how organizations can mitigate their losses and protect their reputations.

“Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and costly to organizations across Canada,” Nathan said. “By preparing for attacks, organizations can reduce their risks and the potential for losses.”

Nathan and Kristél are partners in the MLT Aikins Privacy, Data Protection & Cybersecurity practice group. They have written extensively on cybersecurity, including co-authoring recent blogs on Russian cyberattacks, the growing sophistication of ransomware attacks and cybercrime on the Dark Web.

“Organizations must remain vigilant to cyberthreats, and that means having an effective cybersecurity program,” Kristél said. “We look forward to sharing best practices for managing cybersecurity risks.”

Anatomy of a Cyber Attack is geared toward executive leaders, IT leaders and organizational staff responsible for privacy, compliance or risk management. Register now.