Corporate Governance for Non-Profits: What Every Director Needs to Know

Corporate governance is increasingly in the spotlight, with stakeholders demanding more accountability and transparency, especially from charity and non-profit organizations. A board of directors, by law, is accountable for the organization’s mission, resources and activities. It is crucial for directors understand how to build a strong governance structure, legally fulfil their duties, resolve conflicts and protect themselves against personal liability.

On October 19, lawyer Erin Smith will present “Corporate Governance for Non-Profits: What Every Director Needs to Know.”

In this complimentary breakfast session, held as part of a workshop series hosted by the United Way of Regina for non-profits, participants will learn the key corporate governance principles that apply to all non-profit corporations and information that every director should know.

This session will include:

  • Duties of directors and how to fulfil them in practice
  • How to identify and resolve conflicts of interest
  • Directors’ personal liability and how to limit it

Both members of the board and executive directors of non-profits will benefit from this presentation.

Event Details

Thursday, October 19 | 7:15-9 a.m.
United Way Regina (1440 Scarth Street)
Registration is complimentary and includes breakfast and refreshments.

About United Way Regina

The United Way is committed to building strong communities, and understands that these efforts require “active volunteerism, a healthy voluntary sector, and strong community-based organizations capable of achieving their intended outcomes.” To accomplish this, United Way Regina takes the approach of providing tools and resources for organizational development and effectiveness. The aim of workshops such as this one is to support and strengthen the work of community organizations.

About the presenter

Erin Smith is a corporate commercial lawyer based in Saskatoon. Erin specializes in corporate governance, and has advised numerous organizations, both for-profit and non-profit on governance issues, including board structuring, conflicts of interest, codes of conduct, indemnity provisions and confidentiality concerns. Erin also has experience advising in relation to competition law and corporate transactions.