ESG lawyer Conor Chell to appear at upcoming conferences

Conor Chell, head of the MLT Aikins ESG practice group, will appear at two upcoming conferences to discuss ESG risks and the march toward global reporting standards.

On February 16, Conor will speak at the Law Society of Ontario’s 13th annual In-House Counsel Summit in Toronto to discuss the litigation risks associated with greenwashing claims. Conor has written extensively about ESG litigation risks, including the personal liability corporate directors may face.

On February 17, Conor flies to Montreal for the IFRS Sustainability Symposium, an inaugural event that will gather business leaders, investors and policymakers to discuss a global baseline for sustainability disclosure developed by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation.

Montreal is the only North American city to have an IFRS office, giving Canada a seat at the table as the country prepares for mandatory ESG disclosure in the banking and insurance sector next year.

Conor regularly speaks at ESG conferences across North America and has been quoted by numerous media outlets on ESG risks and opportunities. Last year, he was recognized as a thought leader in environmental law by Mondaq. Learn more about Conor’s practice.