The Future of Technology and AI in Law Practices

On November 3, Regina lawyers Randy Brunet and Samer Awadh participated in the first national Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Business Law Conference.

Randy and Samer joined the conference’s keynote speaker, Andrew Arruda, CEO and Co-Founder of ROSS Intelligence, and Robert Skanes, Canadian Sales Manager at iManage, for a panel discussion on “The Future of Technology and Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law: Ethical and Practice Management.”

The panel discussed the legal industry’s transition into the electronic and technological world and how artificial intelligence, automation and other advancements will affect lawyers, businesses and law firms. The panel also discussed the ethical and practice management issues that arise in an increasingly paperless practice that requires fewer lawyers, and considered matters relating to electronic record collection, accuracy and storage; confidentiality; backup and disaster recovery; office policies and lawyer and staff training; passwords and security.

About the Conference

At the two-day conference, which took place in Toronto, attendees from across Canada joined leading experts to explore current and emerging trends in mergers and acquisitions and how those trends will impact the practice of law in the future.

About the Presenters

Randy Brunet’s practice focuses on technology projects, privacy and outsourcing. He previously served as lead counsel for the largest Saskatchewan-based provider of information technology services on several complex outsourcing transactions, and has assisted numerous clients with negotiations for IT services and software.

Samer Awadh assists clients both in Saskatchewan and abroad, advising on matters involving corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, banking and commercial lending and other corporate-commercial matters. He brings a background in computer science to his legal practice.