John Agioritis discusses updates to Alberta’s OHS Code

Saskatoon lawyer John Agioritis recently spoke to Canadian HR Reporter about upcoming changes to Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code.

The changes to the province’s OHS Code – which John outlined in a recent blog – will take effect on March 31. While many are aimed at reducing the administrative burden for employers, others – such as noise protection, new first-aid requirements and site orientation requirements for employers and prime contractors on oil and gas sites – are more substantial.

“All employers are going to be required to update their first-aid kits and determine whether they’re compliant as of March 31, as well as ensure that the training that they’ve given their employees and first aiders meets the requirements of the new CSA standard,” John told Canadian HR Reporter. “That was a pretty significant change.”

John helps corporate clients navigate various types of emergencies, crises and incident response, focusing heavily on workplace safety incidents and environmental matters. He has written extensively on occupational health and safety, including a recent article on proposed amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act, and is a sought-after speaker.

In his interview with Canadian HR Reporter, John also discussed new significant workplace training and orientation requirements at oil and gas wells, as well as new rules for conducting noise exposure assessments. Read the full story.