Meaghan Conroy Speaks at 2018 CERI Petrochemical Conference

On Monday, lawyer Meaghan Conroy spoke on “Duty to Consult – A Perspective on Petrochemicals” at the 2018 CERI Petrochemical Conference in Kananaskis, Alberta.

This sold-out conference, presented by the Canadian Energy Research Institute, brought together subject matter experts from across North America to discuss the opportunities and risks at play in the sector’s development.

The theme for the three-day conference was “The Petrochemical Trilemma: Economics, Environment and Society.” According to organizers, “Canada’s petrochemicals industry faces unique challenges at a time when public scrutiny of fossil fuels has never been more intense.” The conference aimed to explore how the Canadian petrochemicals industry will “respond to environmental concerns, [and] manage risks associated with market, political and regulatory uncertainties.”

In her presentation, Meaghan spoke about best practices and recent developments on the duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous communities in context of resource development.

Based out of the law firm’s Edmonton office, Meaghan Conroy regularly advises First Nation and Métis communities on Constitutional issues, including consultation-related activities, Appeals and Specific Claims as well as governance issues. She assists Aboriginal communities and landowners with issues related to natural resource extraction, land development and other environmental matters.