Milad Alishahi and Jared Biden Presented the 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

On June 23, Regina lawyers Milad Alishahi and Jared Biden, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (SYPE), presented the 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Nathan Sudom of Emerald Seed Products Ltd. and the 2017 Young Professional Award to Jordan McFarlen of Campbell Collegiate at the annual Silver Spade Awards.

SYPE is a group of young, energetic professionals and entrepreneurs, working together to promote business and opportunity in Saskatchewan in order to retain Saskatchewan’s most valuable resource – our young people. SYPE provides networking opportunities and information sessions for young entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to progress their businesses and careers.

One of the many events put on by SYPE is the Silver Spades Awards. The event seeks to support the growth of an entrepreneurial culture and to promote professional excellence in Saskatchewan by recognizing and awarding young people who have demonstrated professionalism, integrity, vision, drive, perseverance and willingness to take risk.