MLT Aikins Participates in Manitoba Bar Association 2022 Mid-Winter Conference

The Manitoba Bar Association (MBA) will host its 2022 Mid-Winter Conference this month. Winnipeg lawyers Shandra Czarnecki, Michael Weinstein, Desiree Katz and Mira Bokhaut will present at the two-day virtual event, and Danielle Barchyn served on the 2022 Mid-Winter Organizing Committee.

The annual Mid-Winter Meeting is a premier two-day legal conference designed especially for CBA Manitoba members. This event offers well-rounded professional development, networking, special events and much more. The full program guide is available here.

Shandra Czarnecki will co-present “Mental Health Accommodations in the Workplace.”

This session will address issues including approaching employees who may be dealing with a mental health issue in a respectful and appropriate way, the medical information required to support accommodation, how to best request such information, privacy considerations, challenges associated with “invisible” disabilities, developing return to work and accommodation plans, roles that may be played by different mental health professionals (such as psychologists, EAP counsellors, psychiatrists), representational considerations for unions, and more.

Michael Weinstein will co-present “Taxation of Damages and Settlement Amounts.”

This presentation focuses on how both income tax and GST may apply to various types of settlements and damage awards, and provides technical and practical tips on how to structure awards around potential taxation, from the perspective of both the payor and the recipient. This session will be of particular interest to litigators and labour and employment lawyers.

Desiree Katz will be a panellist on “The Balancing Act in the First Five Years of Practice.”

Panellists will share their experiences with balancing the expectations of clients, senior lawyers, and partners – all while working on building their own practice and maintaining a personal life. Discussion topics include general file management, communication skills, and how to set boundaries. The speakers will also offer their “top tips” on how to handle common scenarios faced by junior lawyers. Attendees can expect an open and honest discussion geared to help young lawyers to successfully develop their practice.

Mira Bokhaut will co-present “Impact of the Dismiss for Delay Amendments on the Profession.”

In January of 2018, amendments were made to the Court of Queen’s Bench Rules with respect to when a matter can be dismissed for delay, with amendments with respect to the “Long Delay” rule coming into force on January 1, 2019. The presenters will review cases that have considered the new delay rules, and also provide commentary on the impact the new rules have had and will continue to have on the profession for both plaintiff and defendant counsel.

Event Details

Thursday, January 20 to Friday January 21, 2022
Online via Zoom webinar