MLT Aikins Publishes Agriculture and Food Year in Review

Canada’s agriculture and food industry continued to demonstrate its resilience in 2021 despite a number of monumental challenges, from severe drought and flooding to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MLT Aikins 2021 Agriculture and Food Year in Review offers an overview of the key issues that shaped the industry last year, and a look at the trends and new technologies that will transform the agriculture sector in the years to come. Highlights include:

  •  Venture Capital in Western Canadian Agriculture
  • Supply Chain Disruptions/Export and Transportation Challenges
  • IP – Who Owns Your Technology?
  • ESG Considerations for Ag Entities
  • Tax and Estate Planning – Changes to Intergenerational Transfers
  • Biologicals Present New Possibilities – and Increasing Complexity
  • Labour Challenges in Western Canada’s Agriculture and Food Industry

We explore all theses topics and more in our 2021 Agriculture and Food Year in Review. Fill out the form below to download the ebook.