Proud to Support the 2017 Saskatchewan Real Estate Forum

On the eve of the 2017 Saskatchewan Real Estate Forum, MLT Aikins hosted a commercial real estate reception on Wednesday, April 19 in Regina. Bob Kasian, Samer Awadh, Neil MacKay and Doug Osborn, lawyers from the firm’s Regina and Saskatoon offices, attended the private reception, which welcomed 60 guests including developers, financiers, construction industry leaders, and other key real estate industry stakeholders. Guests enjoyed an evening of engaging conversations and networking.

MLT Aikins was a principal sponsor for the Real Estate Forum on April 20, an event which provided “valuable insights on the trends, issues and opportunities in one of Canada’s stronger mid-market provinces.” More than 500 people attended the forum, 30 per cent of whom travelled from outside of Saskatchewan (specifically Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto) to attend.

As part of the forum, MLT Aikins partner Bob Kasian served as moderator for a panel discussion that explored: What are the major contributors to Saskatchewan’s competitive advantage? Why is this province on track to be Canada’s leading economy?

About the session:
In the global environment of the 21st century, economies tied to commodities and resources were experiencing the strongest growth until the past few years. However, Saskatchewan is the sixth best place in the world for mineral investment – out of 93 jurisdictions surveyed across Canada and around the world. Just as importantly, the province has evolved into the most diverse economy in Canada that includes: agribusiness, biotech, a mining industry larger than Ontario’s, fabricated manufacturing, engineering, prospecting and a hydrocarbons market. World-class companies are headquartered here. The speakers will offer some insights on the strong competitive advantage and resiliency that the diverse economy of this province offers.

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