Proud to Sponsor CPHR Manitoba’s 2021 HR Legislative Review

MLT Aikins is proud to serve as presenting sponsor for CPHR Manitoba’s 2021 HR Legislative Review once again.

This annual event is offered virtually this year on May 5, 2021. Presenters will share developments in employment law that affect the HR profession and provide valuable insights to help organizations comply with legislation in their workplaces. The content presented at the HR Legislative Review is tailored for HR professionals, managers and business owners.

Four of the firm’s labour and employment lawyers will lead sessions: Reis Pagtakhan, Devin Wehrle, Bret Lercher and Shandra Czarnecki.

Devin Wehrle will present an “Employment Standards Update”

This update will provide attendees a review of recent legislative changes that will impact Manitoba employers and what these changes will mean to you.

Bret Lercher will provide an “Employment Law Case Review”

In this session, Bret will review and facilitate a discussion of of significant cases that have been decided over the past year that will impact Manitoba non-union employers.

Reis Pagtakhan will present an “Immigration Law Update”

COVID-19 has severely disrupted business in North America over the past 14 months. Getting employees and contractors across borders during this time has been no exception. In Reis’ presentation, he will be address: the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions in place for entry to Canada and the U.S., what “vaccine passports” may look like, and changes to Canadian and U.S. immigration processes for business travelers that have been brought in during COVID-19 and whether some or all of these processes will become permanent.

Shandra Czarnecki will present on “Accommodation of Family Status”

The need for family related accommodation has never been more pronounced than in the context of COVID-19. This session will discuss the related requirements, as established by legislation and case law, on both employers and employees and practical approaches employers can take in navigating challenging requests for family status accommodation both within and outside the context of COVID-19.