Reis Pagtakhan featured in CBC story on immigration

Winnipeg lawyer Reis Pagtakhan recently spoke to the CBC for a story about a Manitoba man’s experience with Canada’s immigration system.

On February 13, the CBC ran a story about Brian Sumner, a man whose citizenship certificate was shredded after a technical error during a virtual citizenship ceremony. This left Sumner unable to claim his Old Age Security benefit, apply for a Canadian passport or even leave the country after he destroyed his permanent residency card.

Sumner spent months trying to reach Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before he received a response. Reis spoke to the CBC about clients’ experiences dealing with the IRCC.

“I’m no longer shocked and surprised by that kind of government delay, the frustrations individuals have when trying to just have basic communications with the department,” Reis said. Read the full story.

Reis is a Canadian corporate immigration lawyer with more than 27 years of experience advising businesses and individuals on Canadian and U.S. immigration matters. He regularly speaks to Canadian and international audiences on a variety of immigration topics. Learn more about his practice.