Reis Pagtakhan Presents at Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Southern Manitoba Manufacturers Summit

On October 24, Reis will be speaking at the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Southern Manitoba Manufacturer’s Summit.

Reis will present a session titled “Workforce Development Through Immigration.” In this session, Reis will cover:

  • How southern Manitoba manufacturers face labour challenges their urban counterparts don’t
  • Changes on the horizon can work to manufacturers’ advantage, for those who are prepared to take advantage and for those who are prepared to capitalize on opportunities
  • Understanding how global mobility is changing and anticipating opportunities and threats
  • Describing changes to federal and provincial programs and what do manufacturers need to do to take advantage and ensure compliance
  • Applying techniques, recommendations and regional best practices to attract, but more importantly, retain skilled talent outside of major urban centres

About the Event

Morden Access Event Centre
111 Gilmour Street, Morden, MB
October 24, 2019
8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m

The Southern Manitoba Manufacturers’ Summit (SMMS) is Southern Manitoba’s must attend event and an opportunity to connect with crucial resources.

Join us for an insightful day filled with stories from local businesses, powerful keynotes, interactive workshops and tours. This summit is sure to bring you practical solutions for your challenges, creating new opportunities and best practices, tapping into southern Manitoba’s potential!

About Reis Pagtakhan

Reis Pagtakhan is a corporate immigration lawyer with more than 24 years of experience advising businesses and individuals on immigration matters. Reis’s practice is particularly focused on obtaining temporary entry and permanent residency for senior executives, managers, professionals and other company employees from all over the world, providing training to businesses and HR professionals on immigration law and processes, and working collaboratively with business and HR professionals to create easy to use systems to comply with federal and provincial immigration laws.