Reis Pagtakhan to Present at MSCJ 34th Annual DWI Seminar

On Friday, June 21, Canadian immigration lawyer Reis Pagtakhan will present at the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ) 34th Annual DWI Seminar.

Reis will present a session titled “Entry into the Great White North Part Deux: Navigating the new changes to Canadian DWI Immigration Law.”

The one-day seminar will cover a wide range of topics relating to impaired driving including recent changes and challenges to DWI law in Minnesota, the faulty science of drugged driving prosecutions, winning blood test cases, alcohol and guns, the changing right to counsel, DWI forfeiture wins, changes to and consequences of DWI on entry into Canada. Attendees will receive the most up to date DWI defense information, research and forms available for defending Minnesota DWI cases.

The seminar takes place at the Minneapolis Marriot NW on June 21. Visit Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice for more information.

About the Presenter:

Reis Pagtakhan is a corporate immigration lawyer with more than 24 years of experience advising businesses and individuals on immigration matters. Reis’s practice is particularly focused on obtaining temporary entry and permanent residency for senior executives, managers, professionals and other company employees from all over the world, providing training to businesses and HR professionals on immigration law and processes, and working collaboratively with business and HR professionals to create easy to use systems to comply with federal and provincial immigration laws.