Reopening Western Canadian Economies – MLT Aikins Providing Resources to Navigate Legal and Regulatory Challenges

Western Canadians are resilient people. As we are adjusting to the new normal, individuals, businesses and provinces are experiencing this pandemic very differently. As some provinces are still in the throes of managing rates of infection, others are announcing plans to reopen their economies. Our clients are required to rethink their operations and policies and in short periods of time no less. To help service this need, we are ensuring our client resource centre offers continuous up-to-date information relating to the issues at hand, most notably relating to business efficacy, workplace and, a recent addition, dispute & risk management. This area provides a collection of resources dedicated to recognizing and managing risk, avoiding litigation exposure and ensuring that recovery opportunities are preserved.

In addition, we are publishing provincial pages where you can review updates and resources as they are  created:




British Columbia

We have dedicated team leads for each of our seven response areas, and they can respond to your inquiries or put you in touch with the best person from our team.

COVID-19 Response Areas

As we all adapt to the new normal, MLT Aikins is as committed as ever to servicing our client needs. We strive to provide timely and useful information and resources and we are fueled by positive responses and participation from our client community. Be sure to subscribe so you always receive up-to-date information from the firm.