Shandra Czarnecki Presents at 2019 Accommodation Law Conference

On Wednesday, April 3, lawyer Shandra Czarnecki will present at the 2019 Accommodation Law Conference in Winnipeg.

This event for HR professionals explores recent legal developments in the employer’s duty to accommodate and how those breakthroughs will affect union and employer representatives in unionized workplaces in Canada.

In their half-day session, Shandra and her co-presenter Bill Sumerlus will discuss:

  • The Legal Duties on Employees and Their Unions When Seeking Accommodation. A review of cases where employees and their unions have fallen short in their obligations to co-operate and facilitate when seeking accommodation for reasons that include addictions, employee delays and mixed culpability.
  • Medical Information Needed to Support an Accommodation Claim. What arbitrators say about the medical information that is necessary to substantiate physical and psychological accommodation claims including when specialists are justified, when requests for medical information go too far and the impact of delays.
  • Scheduling Accommodation. Recent cases where work scheduling has been at issue in accommodation cases involving family status, religious beliefs and disability limitations. Scheduling issues include flexible work, night shifts, reduced hours, leaves of absences, vacation time and sick time.
  • Ten Winning Accommodation Strategies. Case-tested ways unions and employers can streamline the accommodation process and achieve successful accommodation outcomes.

The conference takes place at the Fairmont hotel in Winnipeg from April 2 to 3. Visit LabourLawOnline for more information.

About the Presenter

Lawyer Shandra Czarnecki practises in the areas of labour and employment law, representing management of public and private sector organizations engaged in a variety of industries. She is based in the firm’s Winnipeg office location. Reach her at