Sonia Eggerman to Present The Duty to Consult and Accommodate with Osgoode Faculty

For the third year in a row, Regina lawyer Sonia Eggerman will join faculty from across Canada to present on “The Duty to Consult and Accommodate” as part of the Osgoode Certificate in Fundamentals of Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law presented by Osgoode Professional Development on April 7, 2020.

Osgoode’s Certificate in Fundamentals of Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law was created to help people understand this complex and vitally important body of law. A faculty of experts, including practicing lawyers, government and industry reps and academics drawn from across the country will concentrate on the core aspects of Indigenous law, focusing not just on the law itself, but also those practical considerations that are key to understanding the rapidly changing legal environment. The aim of the program is to give a practical and foundational understanding of Indigenous rights and title, the constitutional framework, reserve lands and developments on reserve, treaty interpretation, modern treaties, and consultation and accommodation.

Topics covered in the program include:

• The most significant cases and key legal concepts from the last 40 years
• The Indian Act: key issues for practitioners and policy makers
• Section 35 – understanding its purpose, framework and emerging issues
• History and development of modern day treaties: current policies, opportunities and challenges
• Duty to Consult & Accommodate – hear from Crown, Proponent and Indigenous perspectives

About Sonia Eggerman

Sonia provides practical results through litigation and negotiation in Aboriginal, constitutional, administrative and public law. She has extensive experience in Aboriginal law on various matters including Aboriginal and Treaty rights, governance issues, land use planning, on-reserve economic development, regulatory and other constitutional issues.

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