Thunderbird House Achieves Charitable Status

MLT Aikins would like to congratulate Whaka Pimadiziiwii Pinaysiiwigamic Inc. (Thunderbird House) on achieving charitable status.

Founded in 2000, Thunderbird House serves as a centre for teaching and sharing Aboriginal traditional spirituality under a Council of Elders. An open and welcoming spiritual hub for elders, healers, teachers and helpers in the Aboriginal community, Thunderbird House promotes teachings of kindness, sharing, honesty and belief.

The charity has plans for expanding its offerings to include programming aimed at the larger Manitoba community, including tours for visitors to the province that share the history of Treaty 1 and the unique Thunderbird House building itself.

“We will be developing programming to school divisions offering cultural programming to strengthen curriculum, learning and identity,” said the Thunderbird House leaders. The programs will also help local businesses work toward understanding the larger picture of reconciliation and their role in this process.

Thunderbird House | Winnipeg, MB  

Photos: Thunderbird House