Vida 180 Canada Achieves Charitable Status

MLT Aikins would like to congratulate Vida 180 Canada Inc. on achieving charitable status.

Founded just three years ago, Vida 180 Canada helps relieve poverty in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico by providing basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, clothing and shelter to children and individuals who are poor or in need. In addition, the charity strives to advance education by providing books, equipment and educational aids to the underserved youth in the region.

Vida 180 Canada has retained Vida 180 A.C. as its agent to help support orphaned children in the community by providing a safe home and supportive environment that promotes developing social, academic and practical skills. Vida 180 A.C. operates with a three-step process: rescue abandoned children as a first step towards positive change; restore the physical wounds, emotional trauma and the spirit of the children; and equip them with practical principles and tools for them to have a successful future.

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Winnipeg lawyer Florence Carey represented Vida 180 Canada through the application process to attain charitable status. Florence practises in the area of taxation, which involves corporate and personal tax planning; and provides services to non-profit organizations and charities, including applications for charitable status, incorporations, corporate governance and bylaws, CRA compliance and audits, gift planning and general advice.

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Photos: Vida 180 Canada