MLT Aikins is pleased to welcome 23 articling students to our six offices for the 2021-2022 articling year.

The students have already begun their articles and we look forward to introducing them to the practical aspects of law. Please join us in congratulating all of this year’s students-at-law.


Braeden Cornick

Amber Harms

Suraj Lakhi

Alexsondra Moar

Devon Molloy

Jillian Stefanson

Erin Tramley


Tyson Acoose

Adam Lakusta

Ethan Reis

Haley Stearns


Kali Frank

Alanna Meyer

Dani Nichols


Tony Basu

Esha Saxena

Kyle Smith

Ethan Wood


Teresa Holmes

Alandra Jessup

Iqra Nazir


Angalee Ghirra

Paul Jeronimo

A spirit of hard work, determination and an ability to produce results is what built the Canadian West over the last 150 years, and it’s what fuels us today. With offices in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, MLT Aikins has the bench strength and geographic scope to meet the increasingly complex needs of clients. We are proud to be Western Canada’s law firm.