Samantha Crimi



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Education & Qualifications

  • CORES levels 1, 2 and 3 (MacEwan, 2018)
  • APPRES PPR (MacEwan, 2015)

Samantha Crimi is a senior corporate paralegal based out of the firm’s Calgary office.

Samantha has extensive experience in assisting on corporate/commercial matters. She is responsible for due diligence searches, corporate organization and maintenance, and preparation of documents in relation to more complex corporate transactions. She has extensive knowledge of the CORES system and is able to identify corporate history and information relating to corporations and societies.

Samantha has performed various corporate transactions and her work includes:

  • Preparing, co-ordinating and filing Alberta and extra-provincial annual returns
  • Minute book creations and maintenance
  • Conducting Alberta PPR searches
  • Conducting CORES searches
  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 CORES filings (annual returns, notices, incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, dissolutions etc.)
  • Preparing various corporate director and shareholder resolutions as required
  • Maintaining corporate org charts
  • Maintaining director and officer registers
  • Co-ordinating execution of legal documents via DocuSign
  • Creating electronic closing books for M&A transactions
  • Drafting various closing documentation for M&A transactions
  • Co-ordinating and approving legal agent invoices
  • Creating and maintaining closing agendas for M&A transaction
  • Preparing, amending, and discharging Alberta PPR registrations on APPRES and preparing and sending debtor notification letters relating to same as required by the Personal Property Act (Alberta)
  • Preparing various corporate director and shareholder resolutions
  • Recording various types of share transactions, creating share certificates and resolutions
  • Assisting with filing and discharging security with the International Registry of Mobile Assets
  • Co-ordinating large due diligence projects for security reviews