Don’t Get Denied at the U.S. Border: Tips for Travelling to the U.S. for Work

E-book: Don't Get Denied at the U.S. Border: Tips for Travelling to the U.S. for Work

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U.S. immigration law is vast and complex. Like Canada’s immigration system, the U.S. system covers everything from the entry of visitors, workers, students, family members, business investors and refugees.

Need to get your personnel into the U.S. to work as executives, managers, specialized and essential employees, professionals and/or technicians? In this e-book, immigration lawyers Reis Pagtakhan and Jessica Jensen cover some of the most common U.S. nonimmigrant statuses used by Canadians to work in the U.S., and discuss general issues on U.S. criminal inadmissibility.

Chapters and topics include:

  • What are the questions to ask when a Canadian company wants an employee to enter the U.S.?
    • Is the employee a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?
    • Does the employee meet the definition of an “American Indian born in Canada”?
    • How does an Indigenous Canadian qualify for a Green Card?
  • Does the employee’s work classify him or her as a business visitor?
    • What does immigration consider to be “work”?
    • What kind of business purposes are allowed under B-1 status?
  • If the employee will not be a business visitor, does he or she qualify as a NAFTA Professional, an intra-company transferee, or a treaty trader or investor?
  • Inadmissibility and waivers

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