Anti-Slavery Statement

MLT Aikins is dedicated to upholding the utmost standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in every aspect of our operations. We maintain a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of human rights abuses, including modern slavery such as child labour, servitude, forced or bonded labour or human trafficking. MLT Aikins is committed to respecting and observing all human rights in accordance with applicable law and the principles set forth in international standards. This stance extends to both our internal operations and supply chain, with the goal of transparency, compliance and accountability throughout.

MLT Aikins is committed to identifying modern slavery risks within our business and supply chain. We use a risk-based approach and adopt a process of continuous improvement in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

MLT Aikins is not aware of any child or forced labour in our business. Given the educational and professional qualification of our lawyers and staff, MLT Aikins feels the risk of child or forced labour in our business to be extremely low.

MLT Aikins verifies age if someone is suspected to be underage. The firm actively monitors the workload and overtime of its employees and complies with all applicable labour and employment standards for working conditions and wages.

As a professional services firm, MLT Aikins uses many suppliers of goods and services in our business. Most  of those suppliers are located in Canada.  We are not aware of any child or forced labour activities within the operations of our suppliers, and feel the risk of such activities for our Canadian suppliers is low, given the location and nature of those businesses. MLT Aikins recognizes that we have limited information on the activities of certain suppliers. While we expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, MLT Aikins has not adopted a formal supplier code of conduct. We do not currently require our suppliers to confirm whether there are any child or forced labour activities within their operations or supply chain.