McKay Métis Group Poised for Further Growth

Alberta’s McKay Métis Group Ltd. is a case study in the amazing growth potential of Indigenous-owned businesses.

The group owns a number of companies servicing Alberta’s oilsands, specializing in services such as cranes, security, tree clearing, infrastructure services, PPE supply, chemicals, fuel and lube, year-round road maintenance, site amenities and more.

Since the group’s formation in 2009, its gross revenue has ballooned from $50,000 to more than $110 million in 2020, according to the Calgary Herald.

The McKay Métis Group has found success by partnering with oilsands companies operating in its traditional territories – proving that Indigenous-owned businesses are attractive partners in Alberta’s energy sector.

The McKay Métis Group is now poised for further growth. It recently won its first Canada-wide contract and is expanding its business interests by purchasing new assets and companies. In 2019, its sole shareholder, the Fort McKay Métis Nation, acquired all the land it occupies – 492 acres in total – from the Alberta government.

MLT Aikins has been pleased to advise the McKay Métis Group on general corporate commercial and transactional matters, including its corporate structure, setting up new corporations and partnerships and acquiring new companies and assets.

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