MLT Aikins expands partnership with Foresight Canada to B.C. 

MLT Aikins is pleased to announce its expanded partnership with Foresight Canada to help cleantech innovators lead the charge to net zero. 

Foresight is a cleantech ecosystem accelerator on a mission to help Canada become the first G7 country to achieve net zero. Foresight helps cleantech innovators commercialize their technology and achieve scale by connecting them with the skills, information and investors they need to succeed. 

Last year, MLT Aikins announced an exclusive sponsorship of Foresight’s Alberta Grow program, which helps growth-stage cleantech companies reach scale. This year, MLT Aikins has expanded its support of Foresight’s Grow program to include British Columbia. 

“Our partnership with Foresight has given us the opportunity to meet and assist countless innovators on the cutting edge of alternative energy, clean technology and food and agriculture in Alberta,” said Aaron Runge, managing partner of MLT Aikins. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Foresight and our continued support for the sector and in B.C.” 

“We are so excited that MLT Aikins is expanding its sponsorship of the Foresight Grow Program,” said Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight Canada. “Last year’s partnership saw the accelerated growth of many inspiring Alberta-based cleantech ventures, and we can’t wait to see what comes from this expansion in British Columbia. It is commitments from corporate partners like this that drive the commercialization and scale of critical climate solutions and establish Canada as a global leader in the transition to a green economy.” 

The MLT Aikins industry leads working with Foresight’s Alberta and B.C. Grow programs include Jonathan Troyer, Sean MacLachlan, Chris Nyberg and Mahdi Shams. 

Foresight aims to support the global transition to a green economy by bringing together innovators, industry, investors, government and academia. Learn more about Foresight’s services.