MLT Aikins launches Franchising practice page

MLT Aikins has launched a Franchising practice page to help domestic and international clients navigate the regulatory and legal landscape of franchising in Canada.

Winnipeg lawyer Melissa Cattini has carved out a niche in franchise law, advising numerous national and international brands expanding in Western Canada. In addition to speaking at various conferences and engagements on the establishment and ongoing operation of franchises, she has written articles for business owners considering franchising as a means of expansion.

More recently, Melissa acted as counsel to the master franchisee of OAKBERRY, an exciting Brazilian global superfood franchise with over 600 locations worldwide that is now entering the Western Canadian market.

“MLT Aikins has served clients in the franchising space for years, which is why we’re so glad to launch a practice page dedicated to this area,” Melissa said. “We look forward to continuing to work with iconic Canadian brands, as well as international brands entering the Canadian market.”

The MLT Aikins Franchising group helps franchisors, franchisees and master franchisees, area representatives and licensors navigate the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to Canadian franchises. Learn more about our services.