‘Nmis Working with B.C. Government on New Forestry Agreement

‘Na̲mg̲is First Nation is on the path to negotiating a Forestry Reconciliation Agreement with the Province of British Columbia.

Na̲mg̲is and the B.C. government have signed a letter of intent to reach a new Forestry Reconciliation Agreement that, along with an updated Forestry Fund Agreement, will help support the Nation’s economic goals and self-governance, according to a release.

“The letter of intent represents a path forward to true reconciliation of our title and rights related to forestry in our territory and we look forward to achieving an agreement that reflects our responsibility for stewardship of our resources and a sustainable, stable forestry sector that will benefit our members and the whole region,” Chief Don Svanvik of ‘Na̲mg̲is​ First Nation said in a statement.

The letter of intent lays out a plan for ‘Na̲mg̲is and the province to negotiate a Forestry Reconciliation Agreement to implement joint decision making on forestry decisions and recognize ‘Na̲mg̲is jurisdiction.  Negotiations will also address land transfers, revenue sharing and new economic opportunities. ‘Na̲mg̲is believes that advancing reconciliation on forestry can be a stabilizing force for economic prosperity for the ‘Na̲mg̲is people and the entire northern Vancouver Island region.

This agreement builds on the success of ‘Na̲mg̲is in negotiating a forest management planning process with Vancouver-based Western Forest Products Inc., which is supported by the Chief Forester’s office, and the related Gwa’ni Project between the Province and ‘Namgis, the release said. The work from both these projects will inform the negotiations of the Forestry Reconciliation Agreement.

MLT Aikins was pleased to act for ‘Namgis First Nation in negotiating the letter of intent with the B.C. Government.