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Dianne is a corporate paralegal in the firm's Vancouver corporate services department with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of corporate/commercial law.

Dianne has experience in the area of incorporations, amalgamations, amendments, continuances, dissolutions and restorations, annual maintenance resolutions. She provides her expertise by assisting clients and lawyers with minute book reviews, incorporations, annual maintenance, business name and partnership registrations and extra-provincial registrations of corporations and limited partnerships.

She previously worked as a legal administrative assistant/paralegal in a boutique corporate securities firm for 20 years. In this role, she assisted in preparing documentation relating to corporate securities matters, particularly documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission via EDGAR for companies quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board and documents filed with the BC Securities Commission and the TSX Venture Exchange via SEDAR for companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.  She also has experience maintaining corporate records for BC, Canadian, Nevada and Washington companies.