Glenda Johal




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Education & Qualifications

  • BA (Royal Roads University, 2018)
  • CEDS Canadian E-Discovery Specialist (ACEDS, 2024)

Services and Industries

Glenda is an experienced litigation paralegal. She performs a wide range of tasks including preparing pleadings, reviewing documents for disclosure, as well as pre-trial and trial preparation.

As a litigation paralegal, Glenda works in various areas of litigation including civil, commercial, construction and insurance litigation, labour and employment.

Her work includes:

  • Reviewing and organizing client production documents, coding documents and e-discovery processing
  • Drafting Affidavits of Record
  • Reviewing client files and preparing file summaries
  • Preparing production, witness and expert binders
  • Reviewing transcripts and preparing lists of undertakings
  • Organizing exhibits, undertakings, pleadings and motion materials
  • Enforcing Judgments
  • Preparing Bills of Costs
  • Preparing Court of Appeal materials
  • Handling document management for litigation cases using iPro Enterprise document management software