Jennifer Goncalves



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Education & Qualifications

Jennifer is an experienced commercial real estate and financing paralegal with a focus on commercial lending and commercial real estate transactions in Manitoba.

Jennifer is a sought-after member of our paralegal team due to her reputation for high quality work and attention to detail. She began her legal career as a legal assistant with MLT Aikins in 2006. After years of dedication, in 2018 she began her new endeavor as a paralegal. She has familiarized herself in various areas of law, with a focus on due diligence, commercial lending and commercial real estate transactions.

Jennifer’s unparalleled familiarity with complicated and nuanced land titles issues has helped her oversee numerous large-scale projects involving Manitoba’s Personal Property Registry and Land Titles filings, but she also enjoys working on smaller matters for developing companies where she helps to identify issues that avoid unexpected costs. Jennifer also regularly assists with multi-jurisdictional financing where she works collaboratively with our western offices.