Melinda Moch




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Education & Qualifications

  • International Law Exchange (Hebrew University at Jerusalem, 2022)
  • REA Business Education (2010)

Melinda is a current law student and senior commercial real estate and financing paralegal with extensive experience in subdivisions, commercial lending, and commercial real estate transactions.

Melinda practices in the area of Commercial Law, specializing in subdivisions and large scale development projects for residential, commercial and industrial clients. She is well-versed in commercial law asset securitizations relating to financings by various lenders, acting for lender, borrower or purchaser. She has vast experience in large scale construction financing, and financing by syndications.

Melinda’s commercial real estate experience extends to large asset acquisitions and/or dispositions, due diligence projects, registration of Debentures, large scale subdivisions and condominiums.

Melinda is proudly Red River Métis, with community and family ties to Winnipeg and Manitoba’s Interlake.

  • Indigenous Advisory Council, Federation of Law Societies of Canada
  • President – National Indigenous Law Students’ Association
  • Board Member, Winnipeg Children’s Access Agency
  • VP-Internal, Manitoba Indigenous Law Student Association
  • External Communications Officer – National Indigenous Law Students Association
  • Member, Manitoba Bar Association
  • Member, Canadian Bar Association
  • Member, Indigenous Bar Association
  • Co-Chair, Concerned Residents of St. Ambroise Initiative (Lake Manitoba Flood, 2012)
  • Presenter, Manitoba Bar Association, “Due Diligence:  The Transactional Foundation”
  • Dean’s Office award for dedication to advocating for the interests of the Faculty of Law and for Indigenous law students (2023)
  • MLT Aikins Indigenous Scholarship (2023)
  • Houston Family of Bradwardine Bursary (2022)
  • Israel and Maylene Ludwig Aboriginal Nesiyah Award (2021)
  • Urban Legal Secretary’s Association Scholarship (2002)
  • National Skills Canada Speaking Competition – Bronze (2001)