Nadine Sydor



Nadine is skilled in corporate transactional work involving managing/maintaining corporations across all jurisdictions in Canada, limited partnerships and business names.

Nadine is experienced in corporate work, including:

  • Incorporations and organizations, amendments to articles, amalgamations, continuances (export and import), registrations of limited partnerships, corporate and tax reorganizations, dividends, corporate searches, corporate maintenance and minute book reviews
  • Extra-provincial work, including extra-provincial registrations of corporations, registrations of limited partnerships, business names and maintenance of extra-provincial registrations in Manitoba and other jurisdictions
  • Conducting basic types of due diligence searches
  • Reviewing and summarizing due diligence search results
  • Preparing and coordinating personal property registrations
  • Filings with the Securities Commissions and Stock Exchanges via SEDAR, SEDI, TSX Securefile