Shawna Bourget



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Services and Industries

Shawna is a corporate/commercial paralegal based in the firm’s Regina office.

Shawna has wide-ranging experience helping clients with drafting documentation pertaining to: incorporations, reorganizations, amendments, amalgamations, restorals, dissolutions, share sales, redemptions, dividends and changes of directors and officers. She also attends to the registration of business names, sole proprietorships and partnerships. She assists with drafting documentation for limited partnerships and federal corporations.

Shawna reviews corporate minute books, conducts corporate searches, maintains and reviews corporate registers along with attending to online filings with Saskatchewan Corporate Registry and Corporations Canada.

Shawna has worked in corporate/commercial law in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, starting her legal career in 1995, gaining unique insights on the Western Canadian business landscape. She enjoys building lasting relationships with business clients.