Tasia Tracy



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Services and Industries

Tasia is a real estate paralegal who independently conducts residential purchases, coordinates land title and personal property registrations and interprets due diligence search results.

As our senior real estate paralegal with a career spanning over 30 years, Tasia has wide and extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, including:

  • Various types of due diligence searches within Manitoba relating primarily to residential home transactions as well as basic commercial real estate due diligence
  • Reviewing and summarizing due diligence search results
  • Preparing and coordinating land titles registrations as well as personal property registrations
  • Transactions with Federal and Provincial Parks Branch (formerly the Crown Lands Property Agency)
  • Independent conduct of residential purchases, sales and refinancings, including preparation of financing documents
  • Assisting lawyers in drafting offers to purchase on private transactions (absent a realtor)

Paralegal (2001- present)

Legal Assistant (1992-2000)