HR is now a Self-Regulated Profession in Saskatchewan

The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Act came into force on May 13, 2021, officially making Saskatchewan the third province – and the first province in Western Canada – to recognize a self-regulating body for human resource professionals.

This legislation formally acknowledges that Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) Saskatchewan members themselves are in the best position to regulate the standards of professional conduct required of the human resources profession. Self-regulation will further legitimize the human resources profession, giving the profession greater control and influence in matters of social policy. This significant milestone recognizes the unique expertise of human resources professionals across Saskatchewan.

The Act establishes two levels of regulation:

  1. Registration for members; and
  2. Certification for those who wish to pursue the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

Self-regulation grants CPHR members the legal authority and responsibility to uphold national standards in workplaces.

Congratulations to CPHR Saskatchewan for this significant accomplishment! It is a recognition of the growth and continued maturation of the human resources profession.

The MLT Aikins Labour and Employment team is proud to support CPHR Saskatchewan and its human resource professionals.