Jessica Jensen Appointed Vice-Chair of AILA Canada Chapter Executive Committee

MLT Aikins Foreign legal consultant and associate lawyer Jessica Jensen has been appointed as vice-chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Canada Chapter’s Executive Committee.

AILA Canada represents the interest of U.S. and Canadian licensed lawyers based in Canada who practise in the area of U.S. and U.S.related immigration law. The Canada Chapter consists of approximately 120 member lawyers and law professors who practise and teach immigration law nationwide. The executive committee is responsible for guiding the ongoing activities of the chapter, addressing concerns of its member practitioners and Liaising with the National Chapter of AILA between meetings of the board of governors.

Jessica returns to the board for a second term on June 18, 2020, assuming her new role with the goals of providing resources and materials for chapter members that they can use in every day practices as well as the continued  goal of fostering a connection between the Western provinces of Canada to the AILA Canada Chapter to better represent all geographical areas of Canada when sharing ideas.  She believes that having feedback from all geographical areas, U.S. ports of entries and U.S. pre-flight inspection offices used by western Canadians aids in understanding the full picture of U.S. immigration law for Canadians. It is important to identify the discrepancies or differences in the execution of immigration procedure across different locations – especially those that affect western Canadians.

About Jessica Jensen

Jessica is a foreign legal consultant and associate lawyer who focuses her practice on U.S. and Canadian immigration law. She is a member in good standing  with the Law Society of Manitoba as a Attorney as well as a member in good standing of the Minnesota and North Dakota Bars and  the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and maintains a Foreign Legal Consultant permit from the Law Society of Manitoba, allowing her to practise U.S. law in Manitoba.