Phyto Organix awarded $10M grant to build net-zero plant protein processing facility

Calgary-based Phyto Organix Ltd. has been awarded a multi-million-dollar grant to build North America’s first net-zero plant protein processing facility.

On February 13, Emissions Reduction Alberta announced it was granting $10 million to Phyto Organix to help fund the construction of a net-zero yellow pea fractionation facility – the first of its kind in North America. Last May, Phyto Organix announced its plans to purchase 15 acres of land in Strathmore, Alta., to build the new plant.

“Government of Alberta funding through Emissions Reduction Alberta is critical to fulfilling our objective of meeting consumer demand for healthy, functional proteins and food co-products that are produced in a sustainable way,” Chris Theal, president and CEO of Phyto Organix, said in a statement.

The new Phyto facility will use low-emission energy sources for power, recycle 75% of its process water and use industry-leading heat integration to reduce energy consumption. Once completed, the plant will process 40,000 metric tonnes of yellow peas per year into soluble and insoluble protein isolates, processed fibre and starch, and high-quality dietary pea hull fibre.

Phyto already received $1 million through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to fund construction of the plant. With the additional $10 million in funding from Alberta, Phyto is one step closer to building a state-of-the-art facility expected to add $120 million to the province’s GDP per year.

“This project creates the opportunity to add value to Alberta’s pulse resources, diversify our economy, and directly help mitigate global food security risks, while doing so with a differentiated carbon and water sustainability footprint,” Teal said.

MLT Aikins is pleased to act for Phyto Organix on all its legal matters and is proud to partner with an organization leading the charge to a net-zero future while strengthening Alberta’s economy. Calgary lawyer Scott Exner sits on Phyto Organix’s board of directors and is a shareholder in the company.

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