Jean Torrens


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Office: Calgary

Main: (403) 693-4342

Fax: (403) 508-4349

Education & Qualifications

  • Alberta Bar (2007)
  • Saskatchewan Bar (1995)
  • LLB with great distinction (Saskatchewan, 1994)
  • BA with great distinction (Saskatchewan, 1990)

Jean Torrens acts as a strategic partner with human resources and business leaders to manage complex legal situations involving employees and unions. She has extensive experience acting for management in conducting collective bargaining, advising on discipline and terminations, navigating challenging human rights and harassment situations, and defending employers facing litigation. She helps employers prepare proactively for medical and legalized recreational marijuana, and supports employers responding to urgent OH&S situations.

  • Represented companies in several sectors, including mining, construction, industrial, retail, oil and gas, transportation, and food services in wrongful dismissal trials and appeals.
  • Represented several medium to large-sized businesses in grievance arbitrations and human rights complaints.
  • Conducted collective bargaining on behalf of employers in food services, technology, research and development, mining and non-profit sectors.
  • Represented mining company in OH&S hearing and appeals.
  • Past Chair and current Member, Labour & Employment (South) Section, Canadian Bar Association
  • Former Director, Human Resources Association of Calgary
  • Past Member, Legal Affairs Committee, Human Resources Association of Calgary
  • Member, Calgary Bar Association
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    • Accommodation Remedies
    • Discipline and the Disabled Employee
    • Medical Questions
    • Post-Discharge Evidence
  • Managing Difficult Accommodation Issues in the Workplace, SMHRT Presentation (May 29, 2015)
  • “OHS Investigations and the Law,” MLT’s OHS Investigations and the Law Workshop (May 27, 2015)
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  • Severance Trends and Best Practices, HRIA  Annual Legal Conference (March 15, 2015)
  • Centre for Labour-Management Development (Fall 2014)
    • Discipline in the Age of Exploding Technology
    • Human Rights Remedies: From the Traditional to the Creative
    • Work vs. Personal Time
    • A Fresh Look at Workplace Bullying: New Takeaways from Arbitrators
  • HRIA Wood Buffalo/Fort McMurray Chapter  (October 2014)
    • Social Media in the Workplace
    • Attendance Management
    • Duty to Accommodate
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    • “Seniority: Can You Take It with You When You’re Transferred?”
    • “Getting Harassment Investigations Right”
    • “Cellphone Use, Parking Records and Hand Prints: New Frontiers of Employee Monitoring”
    • “Carelessness, Negligence and Incompetence at Work: Appropriate Employer Response”
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    • “Failure to Disclose: How it Affects Entitlement to Accommodation”
    • “Use vs. Addiction: The Critical Distinction”
    • “Accommodating Non-disability Grounds: The State of the Law”
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    • “Managing Attendance: New Directives From Arbitrators”
    • “Messy Dismissals and Mental Suffering: The Potential for Whopping Damages”
    • “The Evolving Role of Safety in Accommodation: Recent Cases”
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  • “Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace,” HRAC Legal Conference (2008)
  • One of the Best Lawyers in Canada – Labour and Employment Law (since 2014)
  • One of Canada’s Leading Lawyers in the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory – Workplace Human Rights (Management)
  • Lexis-Nexis / Martindale-Hubbell – “CV Peer Review Rated”