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Scott Masson, Jeremie Roussel

SK Farm Security Board Further Restricts Use of Trusts to Hold Farmland

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Scott Masson

Incorporating Prime Contracts into Subcontracts: a Cautionary Note

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Robert Tyler, Danielle Dubois

Is There an Easier Way for Municipalities to Subdivide Land?

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Lynsey Gaudin, Robert Frost-Hinz

When Mitigation Income is Not Deducted from the Notice Period

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Erin Smith, Jared Dunlop

Directors Held Personally Liable for $648,310 in Oppression Claim

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Anna Solmundson

Will (or Could) Manitoba Adopt a Mandatory Vaccination Program for Children?

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Walter Pavlic, Q.C., Megan Kheong

Suncor Wins Another Round in the Ongoing Random Drug Testing Fight

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David Negus, Carolyn Frost

Deadlines Looming for Businesses to Comply with Accessibility Legislation

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Allan Foran, Carolyn Frost

Renegotiating NAFTA: Three Areas Where Renegotiation Could Impact Commercial Carriers

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Joanne Colledge-Miller, Jason Mohrbutter

Have Too Many Knights Passed? Knight v Imperial Tobacco and Want of Prosecution in Certified Class Actions

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Josh Morrison, Len Andrychuk, Q.C.

Court of Appeal Confirms that Lawyer’s Contingency Agreement was Unfair

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Shannon Whyley

Say What You Need to Say: Employers not Liable in Defamation for Negative Employee References

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Stathy Markatos, Jeremie Roussel

Update: Ban on Credit Unions’ Use of Bank Terms Suspended

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Kristin Gibson, Anna Solmundson

Why Employers Should “Future Proof” Term Contracts

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Nathan Schissel, Danielle Graff

Managing Key IT Project Risks – Part 2 of 4: Protecting Your Business

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Robert Hendry

Driving Local Tech Plays: Saskatchewan’s “Patent Box” Tax Rebate

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